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UEC has nearly a half of a century of experience in providing air freight services across the globe. We offer a full arrange of import and export of air freight option to get your goods where they need to be in a timely manner. We have strong relationships with a range of airlines and have access to very competitive rates. Direct and consolidated services available worldwide. Having an experienced and knowledgeable partner in Thailand like us will help you get the most efficient service to suit your needs.


UEC is a member of TAFA, TIFFA and Express Cargo Customs Broker, Our focused and fully licensed experts will act as a direct extension of your business, guiding your shipments through Thai Customs in an efficient and expeditious manner. We endeavor to provide timely, consistent, and cost-effective service while assisting you with the compliance issues that are unique to your products.

There are two types of Customs House Brokers, the general house broker and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Customs House Broker. Our specialist does this by combining years of experiences with the latest in automation.

AEO benefits the company as it is able to supply a faster service to our customers. For example, easier admittance to customs simplifications using the credentials of the company instead of paying a deposit bond, fewer physical and document-based controls, priority treatment if selected for control, and fewer delayed shipments which improve customer service and customer loyalty.

Primary Services
Classification and Valuation Assistance Electronic Entry ProcessingOther Government Agency Filing
Customs Bonds
Remote Location Filing
Complete Automated Broker Interface Facilities


Our project cargo services provide specialized transportation to clients of heavy and odd dimensional shipments and integrated project logistics management. Our global network allows us to take on these services as per requirements for our clients from the manufacturing site to the request destination. We are capable of providing preparations, project management and customs clearance for large-scale projects. We have a dedicated team with years of experience in project handling to accommodate your every shipment enquiries.


UEC is member of Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). As a leading NVOCC, our combination of strong carrier relationships and buying power, we are uniquely positioned to offer flexible routing options at competitive pricing to meet our customer’s needs.
Our experienced and dedicated ocean freight team members can help guide our customers thru the ocean freight process from booking to delivery, and our customs brokers will take care of all customs related requirements and we can arrange local transport to your door.


UEG promotes a “door to door” transportation concept, which utilizes the most sophisticated methods of cargo handling and shipping available today, with constant updating of existing services.
We offer overnight and second-day shipping, and distribution solutions for all types of businesses. From Overnight Air Express to full-service logistics, we make your shipping needs our top priority.


We offer the transfer of goods from one inbound vehicle to another outbound vehicle under the customs control at the same customs house with the beginning and end of transport outside the kingdom.
We currently provide...
Import and export formalities across borders to the 3rd country
Customs formalities in the destination country
Importing, exporting and transshipping permission
Production of lading and transferring bills of goods

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